French bulldog

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small stocky version of the bulldog having a sleek coat and square head

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Eight-month-old Teddy, also a French bulldog, arrived at the Old Windsor home after his owners moved abroad.
The puppy, the first documented case anywhere in the world of a French bulldog with this alteration, had a low level of masculinisation, since the vulva was normal despite the size of the clitoris.
Liz Davidson, secretary of the French Bulldog Club of NSW and a breeder herself, said she could not meet the overwhelming demand.
Founder Jayne Hayes, who started the charity to find her stolen French bulldog 10 years ago, said that half of the stolen dogs she has helped in the past year were eventually returned.
Stefanie Mcgrath and her French Bulldog, Claude, winners of the Pets at Home competition, with store manager Meg Belgrau at the opening of the Wavertree branch A SPECIAL animals 'adoption' centre will be based at a new pet shop in Wavertree.
DeBoer) Nylin and her husband Lawrence Nylin of Durham, NC and her granddaughter, Doobie her French Bulldog.
Maharishi, a miniature French bulldog, was taken from owner Leanne McGough's back yard after two men, captured on CCTV, called over the friendly pet.
Maharishi, a miniature French bulldog, was plucked from owner Leanne McGough's backyard.
Hatty is a dark brindle French bulldog with a white flash on her chest and a white mark on her neck.
The French bulldog pup, owned by David Green, of Milnsbridge, won the any variety minor puppy class at York Canine Association's open show.
Manhattanites also placed two breeds which have gained the most popularity nationally overall in the past decade - the French Bulldog (up 404%) and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (up 406 %) -- in their Top 10.
In one shocking incident in Aberdare, student Rhiannon Jones was left clinging to the front of a moving van as she tried to rescue her French bulldog from thieves posing as buyers.
The German Shepherd fell from first to fourth most popular breed in Chicago in 2014, making way for the French Bulldog who rose to third place.
With balls twice the size of the French bulldog flying around - and we're not just talking about Lady Gaga's bra top - Manchester's All Star Lanes are a dangerous place for pooch, Asia, to be.
Julie Coroli's French bulldog, Sully, was stolen from her partner's black Ford Mondeo last month.