French bulldog

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small stocky version of the bulldog having a sleek coat and square head

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Ace Twenty month-old French Bulldog owned by Stuart Macdonald, Callander
THEFTS of designer dog breed French Bulldogs have increased tenfold in five years across Wales, police have revealed.
In his book Pete also delves into the history of French Bulldogs and shares his tips on leading a happy life with them.
Lindsey, a former breeder who has a French bulldog and a Boston Terrier of her own, set up French Bulldog Saviours in 2013.
Nevertheless, congenital vertebral anomalies are an incidental finding in many cases and they are usually detected in screw-tailed breeds, such as Pug, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog (Bailey and Morgan, 1992; Jeffery et al.
The rumors on the internet are that Kailyn Lowry, star of "Teen Mom 2," is back together with her third baby daddy Chris Lopez, and it's the result of a picture taken with a french bulldog puppy which was uploaded to social media.
French bulldog Eric was spotted riding the board in a skate bowl in Hackney's Clissold Park on Tuesday.
The dogs seized by authorities included Chinese cresteds, shih tzus, a whippet, a bull terrier, a poodle and a French bulldog.
Written from the dog's viewpoint, "Soaring Soren" tells the amazing story of a French Bulldog born in Denmark who flies to the United States to be adopted by his American owner, Deb, a kind lady with lots of curly hair.
Jim had also planned to bring home a French Bulldog puppy for the kids.
POLICE are searching for two black and white French bulldog puppies which were stolen during a burglary in Wolverhampton on Friday.
The couple have been together for 18 years and recently collaborated on a picture book about a dog, "Naughty Mabel," inspired by their overindulged, well-groomed French bulldog.
Cher has finally got a new little French bulldog puppy to dress up.
I thought about stealing my friend's French bulldog, Tuna.
We all know though that the Lady would not be complete without her own little lady in tow, Asia, her pet French bulldog.