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very small and slender green bean

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Data from individual farmer interviews were supplemented by interviews with key informants including existing French bean producer and marketing groups, French bean buyers and their field representatives; pesticide dealers and pesticide company sales representatives; government officials (including local extension officers), third party EUREPGAP certifiers, officials of Horticultural Crop Development Authority, Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya, major French bean canners, and some non-governmental organizations involved in the provision of technical support and services to French bean farmers and farmer groups.
The yields and hemagglutinating activities at different stages of purification of French bean hemagglutinin are summarized in Table 1.
If you like the idea of picking plenty of your own dwarf French beans or runner beans later in the summer May is the ideal time to make a sowing of these easily grown vegetables.
Eggplant ($7) and French bean ($7) accompaniments are just as immaculate, and most importantly, great-tasting.
Brown is offering an Italian broad bean and French bean for the first time in its catalogue.
I have no idea what became of that particular Dragon or its ugly iguanan mates but my Housewife is actually a type of French Bean that needs some help.
I was pleased to see that they are introducing Algarve, a climbing French Bean of the flat-podded type.
You could plant a couple of French bean pots in the greenhouse as insurance just in case the ones outside are eaten by mice or slugs
Popular though the French bean was initially in Britain it would eventually be pushed into a cul-de-sac by the runner, which has the greater flavour and is more successful on our wet and windy offshore island where the soil can remain stubbornly damp and cold long into the spring.
THE Lady Godiva squash, Kenilworth tomato and the Early Warwick dwarf French bean are up for "adoption" in a new idea to ensure the survival of rare vegetables.
THE French bean is so-called not because it is a native of France but because its cultivation on this side of the Channel started when the Huguenots fled to England during the reign of Elizabeth I.
Their golden-podded climbing French bean, Kingston Gold, has just won the RHS Award of Garden Merit for outstanding excellence.
For a fresh, almost primavera version of this dish why not try Pea, Mint and French Bean Frittata.
At the workshops, children can create a 'cress head' and pot up a marrow or French bean seed, both of which they can take home.