French West Indies

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the islands in the Lesser Antilles that are administered by France

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Pitre (urology department, University of the French West Indies and Guiana) and from the Center for Analytical Research and Technology (University of LiAege, Belgique) conducted a research programme of 709 consecutive incident cases of prostate cancer and 723 controls without prostate cancer to test the hypothesis.
And these revealed Miriam, a 26-year-old languages graduate, the manager of an exclusive hotel in the French West Indies, to be cool-headed, smart, adaptable to different and testing situations, both a strong leader and a team player, and, unlike some of the others, she was not over-emotional, over-confident or bitchy.
The 26-year-old claimed first place in the Route du Rhum race after crossing the finish line in Guadaloupe, French West Indies.
The 26-year-old came first in the Route du Rhum race crossing the finish line in Guadaloupe, French West Indies, at 2.
In May 2001 an initial investigation into the archaeology of the African Diaspora was begun in Guadeloupe, French West Indies.
Cendrillon introduces young readers to the native culture and Creole language of the French West Indies, with a simple narrative about how love, faith, perseverance and divine intervention can overcome evil.
Leggy Jerry looked sensational in a skimpy floral bikini as she clung to multi-millionaire Tim during a break on the jet set isle of St Bart's in the French West Indies.
But, until the April deal, European countries favored their former banana-producing colonies like Jamaica, the Canary Islands, Madeira and French West Indies over those of Central America.
But the offer of free flights and accommodation at his private villa on the sun-kissed island in the French West Indies was deemed too generous to accept.
In Fort de France in Martinique, one of the Windward Islands of the French West Indies, the shopping again proved to be outstanding, with good buys found on French perfume, leather, crystal and china.
A thirty-year-old narrator invents fragments of a possible life for himself, a variation on the fascination brought on a few years before in the French West Indies by his intense and fleeting encounter with a young Italian woman named Antonia.
From Manhattan, via New Orleans to the French West Indies, Orient Express Hotels is offering the ultimate nine-day luxurious millennium journey - and it will set you back some pounds 13,250 per person.
This prohibition was, in fact, normally practiced in French Louisiana, but not in the French West Indies or in Spanish Louisiana.
From February to July 1993, Pierre-Yves Robillard of the University Hospital of Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe, French West Indies, and his colleagues collected information from 957 women who had just delivered a baby in the hospital.
Brilla Group has closed investments in Mexico, The Bahamas, French West Indies, British West Indies, Miami Beach and Bal Harbour (Florida); Brilla Group has also closed a Colombian-based institutional private equity fund dedicated to the sector in Colombia.