French Riviera

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the French part of the Riviera


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Total quantity or scope: To ensure geographical coherence and technical consistency in the collection arrangements, the Community territory of the French Riviera has been divided into two geographic areas.
But there were no stormy waters for the couple, who jetted to the posh-sounding Ville Franche Sur Mer on the French Riviera.
A 12-night stay on the French Riviera at Frejus Pins Parasol holiday parc costs from pounds 679 for a family of two adults and three children, from June 8.
The former Beatle dazzled guests at the pounds 2,500a-night Grand Hotel near Nice on the French Riviera when they spotted him sharing a kiss with his pregnant wife on the beach.
ONE man was killed and two other people were severely injured when a British-registered yacht exploded in the French Riviera resort of Menton.
Melville called his movie a ``love letter to Paris,'' and, in many ways, Jordan's film is just as equally enthralled with the French Riviera.
Vacation Packages to Paris, French Riviera, Provence, Avignon, Italy, Belgium and More
Contract notice: Supply and maintenance of the it infrastructure of airport on the french riviera.
BRITONS were among thousands of tourists who fled in terror as a forest fire devastated campsites along the French Riviera.
SUPERMODEL Kate Moss waves as she struts across the French Riviera sand.
For most visitors to the French Riviera, a trip wouldn't be complete without a stopover in the tiny principality of Monaco, which clings to the cliffs between France and Italy.
Mandaric will meet French ace Ginola, 35, and his advisers on the French Riviera today before deciding whether manager Harry Redknapp can do the deal.
The competition to create Liverpool's new waterfront building was thrown open to architects at the French Riviera resort of Cannes.
Enjoy the capital of the French Riviera or the sights and sounds of Paris at phenomenal prices
the agglomeration of the French Riviera Community (CARF) says Public Service Delegation by the removal mission to its territory for the purpose of impounding, janitorial and restoration of vehicles at the request of the competent authority after prescription a Judicial Police Officer