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the revolution in France against the Bourbons

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The 'universal rights of man long advocated by proponents of cosmopolitan enlightenment', writes Wokler in an essay on the 'The Enlightenment and the French Revolutionary Birth Pangs of Modernity', should be sharply distinguished from the destructive power of nationalism in the wake of the French Revolution: 'the abuse of human rights on the part of nation-states which alone have the authority to determine the scope of those rights and their validity' (213).
She also compares the French revolutionary Terror with recent fundamentalist terrorism.
After Cosette has grown into a woman, she falls in love with the French revolutionary Marius Pontmercy (Eddie Redmayne).
An agent of the French Revolutionary government comes to England to enlist Marguerite's aid in helping him find the Scarlet Pimpernel, an unidentified Englishman who rescues condemned French aristocrats from the guillotine.
He went to sea at the age of 12, starting a naval career which spanned the American War of Independence, and the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars.
The original work represents the French revolutionary leader Marat in his bath tub just after he was stabbed to death.
But as the French revolutionary St Juste said those who "half-make a revolution are digging their own graves".
The Fairest Portion of the Globe" uses the backdrop of the chaotic time of the late eighteenth century, where France was torn apart by revolution, and America was only in infancy, One French revolutionary is not happy about the purchase, and seems to be intent on taking back Louisiana by any means necessary for France.
The exhibition, part of a surge of renewed interest in Paine, follows the author of Common Sense as he flees England for America in 1774, joins the French revolutionary cause, and tries unsuccessfully to bring the more radical age of revolution to his native land.
The MPs exes scandal has done more damage to the political aristocracy than the French Revolutionary guillotines of the 18th Century.
Toulon is a French port on the Mediterranean and was a Royalist stronghold that defied the French revolutionary government.
This edition includes the letters sent to London from January 1797 to December 1799, the period during which, with British support, Ferdinand IV set out to attack the French revolutionary army in Rome, only to meet defeat.
The programme salutes the centenary of Ralph Vaughan Williams and the work of French Revolutionary composer Olivier Messiaen.
Encyclopedia of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
He's played a pirate, a French revolutionary and a mad inventor, but never a woman - until now.