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the revolution in France against the Bourbons

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Finally, I also believe that the old saying "All history is contemporary history" can be understood in a positive way to promote political democratization and that it will and should continue to be the first priority for many young, socially and historically responsible Chinese students of the French Revolution.
This study is an excellent corrective to political views of the French Revolution and will be of interest to both feminist and social historians.
In his 1798 Independence Day speech on the French Revolution, Protestant Rev.
For a moment, it was like going back in time, and I understood why the French Revolution occurred.
In 1978, Francois Furet published one of the most important books on the French Revolution to appear this century, Penser la Revolution Francaise (English translation Interpreting the French Revolution, 1981).
Considerations on the principal events of the French Revolution.
The Night the Old Regime Ended: August 4, 1789, and the French Revolution.
One sobering legacy of the Revolution and the Vendean War it instigated is described by The Black Book of Communism, a 1998 study compiled by a group of French academics: "Lenin compared the Cossacks to the Vendee during the French Revolution and gladly subjected them to a program of what Gracchus Babeuf, the 'inventor' of modern Communism, characterized in 1795 as 'populicide.
This handsomely mounted but frustratingly nontransporting historical film often seems like an overblown lesson in a matter that - considering all of the other, more powerful forces at work in the years leading up to the French Revolution - seems comparatively picayune.
Like male actors, theater women faced excommunication before the French Revolution, and images of immorality and sinfulness colored their public reputation.
In this concise yet detailed introduction, Neely (history, Pennsylvania State University) explores the origins, development, and eventual decline of the French Revolution and the many ways in which it has been interpreted.
They include two comments on the French revolution that take up the rise/fall/revival of social history on a seminal topic in European history, while also focusing some attention on the complex relationship of social and political history.
May 3-June 18, 2000: ``The Scarlet Pimpernel'' - Nan Knighton (book and lyrics) and Frank Wildhorn (music) adapt the classic story of an elusive hero who rescues innocent victims from the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution.
Illegitimate children of the Enlightenment; anarchists and the French Revolution, 1880-1914.