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a Canadian descended from early French settlers and whose native language is French

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When referring to the dominant groups, research participants used interchangeably the terms Francophone, Quebecois, the French, and French Quebecer on the one hand, and Anglophone, Ontarians, the English, and English Canadians on the other.
About half of French Quebecers still call themselves Canadien and I reckon two-thirds of those are staunchly anti-separatist.
French Quebecers at least, although they form a large majority, have become used to regarding themselves as a minority, ill served and overlooked, one that needs to protect and affirm itself.
If French Quebecers can be considered the founders of a homeland with an alleged occupation of 400 years, then First Nations, who have lived in what is now known as Quebec since the Ice Age, have a stronger claim to the homeland.
We hear of the debate, but I wonder whether we really know why French Quebecers can be so different from us or how the past can have led to such passionate opinions.