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a Canadian descended from early French settlers and whose native language is French

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10) French Quebecers (5) NS NS Public Sector --Social Professionals .
If French Quebecers can be considered the founders of a homeland with an alleged occupation of 400 years, then First Nations, who have lived in what is now known as Quebec since the Ice Age, have a stronger claim to the homeland.
Trends in public opinion were similar: in 1991, no less than 84% of French Quebecers agreed (and 55% agreed strongly) with the statement that "Quebec is more capable of becoming an independent country today than it was ten or twenty years ago" (Pinard 1992, 29).
La duchesse de Langeais (1970) and Hosanna (1973) present homosexual protagonists who, according to Tremblay, resemble French Quebecers constantly in search of their national identity.
We hear of the debate, but I wonder whether we really know why French Quebecers can be so different from us or how the past can have led to such passionate opinions.