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an art movement in French cinema in the 1960s

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Vittorio De Sica, one of the founders of Italian Neorealism, once directed a Neil Simon screenplay starring Peter Sellers (After the Fox), while Francois Truffaut of the French New Wave appeared as an actor in Spielberg's blockbuster Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Motion pictures will also be showing at the French Cultural Center (CCF), including two from French New Wave director Alain Resnais on December 7 and 8.
With its austere, black-and-white cinematography and a cast full of weather-beaten faces, ``13 Tzameti'' tries hard to ape the hard-boiled crime movies of French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville and his successors from the French New Wave.
By far the only other big bit of excitement this week was when a rat broke into the BB compound, prompting Glyn - whose new dyed blond hair makes him look like a baddie from French New Wave cinema - to kindly offer to 'smash its head in with a hammer'.
Herpe's treatment of new French filmmakers' replication of the Romantic attachments to individual artistry practiced by their French New Wave predecessors offers a more critical view of Romanticism's theoretical possibilities than that offered in my study of Irma Vep and Lelouch's Les Miserables.
According to Local Heroes festival director Bill Evans, the triptych is "reminiscent of the French New Wave in the way the directors are using new technologies - in this case, digital technologies - to blend fictional storylines with a documentary approach to locations, sound, etc.
Any video store or art-house series worth its salt will offer classics of the French New Wave such as Breathless (1960) or Alphaville (1965).
Jean-Luc Godard's 1966 film ``Masculin Feminin'' is probably the French New Wave director's most accessible and likable film.
The reporter asks a series of leading questions which point to his firm belief that the anti-commercial, pretentious personal ecriture of the French New Wave has caused the ruination of French cinema.
Jules et Jim was considered one of the best of the French New Wave, and Moreau was the enigmatic object of desire.
But at the same time, the sticky tendrils of his work reach across territorial confines, or beneath them: The mad intersexuality of Branded to Kill feels less like homage than a makeshift cinematheque where clips from German Expressionism, French New Wave, Monogram shoot-outs, and softcore porn are scrambled and superimposed.
Since he emerged as part of the French New Wave in the late 1950s, director Claude Chabrol has had a busy career with the overwhelming majority of his 60-some films being suspense-filled, character-driven examinations of humanity's dark side.
In fact, politics is one of the areas where the Toronto new wave and the French New Wave truly diverge.
sup***]ed Up (1994) - arguably his best work, a touchingly awkward, beautifully measured distillation of Araki's youth-culture biases and French New Wave influences - was a return to form, The Doom Generation (1995) may have confirmed his most severe detractors' suspicions.
ROUGHLY TRANSLATED, the title of Benoit Jacquot's nod to the French New Wave, ``A Tout de Suite,'' means ``Right Now,'' which belies the film's period setting and strikingly grimy black-and-white photography.