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a soft pebble-grained leather made from goatskin

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Yet the view presented of Unoccupied French Morocco is not a perfectly accurate one.
Franco's Spain never received assurances that it would obtain portions of French Morocco as a reward for its loyalty.
Polewarczyk was engaged in numerous battles and campaigns, including the Algeria French Morocco, Tunsia, Sicily, Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes and Central Europe.
It had stopped off in French Morocco and Bizerta, Tunisia, to pick up elements of Patton's 3rd Army and ferry them halfway across the Mediterranean for the invasion of Sicily.
He was an Army veteran during WW II serving in Algeria French Morocco, Sicily and Tunisia.
Dibie, who recalls living for six months in Lisbon, Portugal, and two years in French Morocco before passage could be arranged to America, said her father had long expected the coming of the world war and had salted money away in banks in New York, Switzerland and Egypt, preparing for the time when the family would have to flee.
Belda, 54, who was born in Meknes, French Morocco, and is a Brazilian citizen, joined Alcoa Aluminio, Alcoa's majority owned Brazilian affiliate in 1969 as a trainee.
From there he was sent to Europe and Africa where he participated in battles at Algeria, French Morocco, Sicily, Naples, Foggia, Rome, Arno River, Southern France and Rhineland.
Meanwhile, powerful military convoys were steaming through Atlantic and Mediterranean surf toward the sunburned beaches of French Morocco and Algeria.
Across French Morocco and Algeria, up to 100,000 soldiers, including crack Foreign Legion units, awaited orders from officers of varying persuasions caught between Hitler and the wildcard Americans.
Targeting Casablanca, Patton's 37,000-man Western Task Force would go ashore at three sites in French Morocco.
Over the ships' loudspeakers," Silveira remembers, "we were told that our objective was to be Casablanca, French Morocco, where a troop landing would be carried out.
Off the coast of French Morocco, meanwhile, the notoriously rough Atlantic seemed to be calming--a good omen for Hewitt and Patton.