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a soft pebble-grained leather made from goatskin

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From there he was sent to Europe and Africa where he participated in battles at Algeria, French Morocco, Sicily, Naples, Foggia, Rome, Arno River, Southern France and Rhineland.
Other elements, however, feel out of place: a suite of unframed works on paper referring to Hubert Lyautey, the first colonial administrator of French Morocco (A Modest Proposal, 2010); an entry wall that lists Tangier street names in French and Arabic.
Franco's Spain never received assurances that it would obtain portions of French Morocco as a reward for its loyalty.
Alcoa's Alain Belda was born in French Morocco but raised in Brazil and educated in Canada.
Yet the view presented of Unoccupied French Morocco is not a perfectly accurate one.
Fontaine was born in Marrakesh and played initially in what was then French Morocco for USM Casablanca.
Airships conducted extensive anti-submarine operations in French Morocco, Brazil, and France.
During the war, he served for three years in Marrakech, French Morocco, and in Algeria with the Army Air Corps Air Transport Command.
Anne Eiland follows "Chappie" from the landing at November 8th 1942 in French Morocco in North Africa, through the landing at Sicily July 10th 1943 and finally the D-Day landing on Omaha Beach in France, June 6th 1944.