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an openmouthed kiss in which your tongue is inserted into the other's mouth

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Around that time the producer had been playing French Kissing a lot.
Which female singer was French Kissing In The USA in 1986?
During the first interview, 21% of black participants and 4% of whites said that they had had intercourse; 8-44% of blacks and 5-44% of whites had engaged in each of five precoital activities (in increasing order of frequency, oral sex, touching genitals, touching breasts, French kissing and light kissing).
He said he kissed her, she returned it and they started French kissing.
THE FULL SYMPHONY French kissing, when done right, is like an epic dance move.
Wolverhampton men have the worst breath in the UK - but their neighbours in Birmingham are tops at French kissing, according to a survey.
FRENCH kissing leads to some dangerously close encounters in this maze of sexual power games.
Clearly taking the task at hand very seriously , the pair can be seen French kissing.