French Indochina

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the French colonies of the territory now occupied by Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

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Applying imaginative literature to real situations in French Indochina is productive because it allows people to delve into what Sandra Taylor, professor emeritus at the University of Utah and Vietnam War scholar, calls "meta-history" or "secret history" which she contends is the combination of the reading of history texts and fiction to assist in garnering a more complete and accurate understanding--"complementary perspectives"--of the American conflict in Vietnam (68, 70).
Imperial Heights: Dalat and the Making and Undoing of French Indochina, by Eric T.
World War II involved most of the world, including French Indochina (now Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia), British and Italian Somaliland (now Somalia), and French North Africa (now Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia).
But he writes gripping passages about collective mobilization among the workers, including the courageous strikes in Akron, French Indochina, and Malaya.
In July 1941, the Imperial Japanese Army advanced into the southern part of French Indochina with an eye to obtaining oil and other resources in the Dutch East Indies (currently Indonesia).
The Viet Minh captured many MAS 1936 rifles during the war in (then) French Indochina and these saw service with Communist forces in the early days of the conflict in Vietnam, until replaced by American, Soviet and Chinese weapons.
Bigeard was very grateful for wartime training bestowed upon him by those 'satanes anglais', as he once called them with admiration--allowing him to participate in the liberation of France with multi-varied expertise at his disposal, and a sense of discipline he would carry with him to French Indochina and Algeria.
During World War II, the Japanese occupied French Indochina, including Laos.
Vietnam won two in shooting while Thailand captured mixed doubles tennis and women's team petanque andndash; also known as boules and a hark back to French Indochina colonialism.
THE SEA WALL (TBC) Drama set in French Indochina, with Isabelle Huppert.
The other articles the judges considered covered topics as diverse as the exploits of Howard Hughes and the pilots who flew the X-15 to near orbital space-flight, to air power in pursuit of terrorist enemies of civilization, to the escape and evasion of an American pilot eluding the Japanese in French Indochina, and of the development of technology and tactics critical to today's air operations, both in combat and in support of law enforcement.
The early colonial history of French Indochina arguably started with the slow push by French Catholic missionaries sent to the Far East from the mid-seventeenth century onward.
Generically the film draws from the melodrama and in some ways has the feel of an historical epic as it dramatizes the oppression resulting from French colonialist rule in French Indochina in 1931.
Intent on capturing what really works in a counterinsurgency, Trinquier drew on the vast experience he had amassed as one of Jean Larteguy's centurions--the hard-bitten French regulars who served as the backbone of the French Army during the tough post-World War II counterinsurgency campaigns in China, French Indochina, and Algeria.
On 7 December 1941, no one "in the know" really expected the Japanese to attack British Malaya, despite their demonstrated aggressiveness in China (1931-41) and French Indochina (1940-41).