French Indochina

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the French colonies of the territory now occupied by Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

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Notes on Prisoners in French Indo-China," Pers-53222-sq, 27 March 1945, "Memorandum," E.
For at the end of the war in Burma he found himself charged with doing something about Communist insurgents moving into what was then French Indo-China and which is now Vietnam.
And that's exactly what Michael Caine does in this memorising adaptation of Graham Greene's book, set in the French Indo-China of the early 1950s.
COVENTRY branch Burma Star Association wishes branch secretary Dr Callow a safe journey to Burma Road in South West China and then to Central China and French Indo-China, with his wife who is Chinese who helped him as he blew bridges stopping the Japanese advance.
There, Crew 7 becomes known as China Ghost for its missions into French Indo-China and China, where Japanese targets are plentiful and danger is ever-present.