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formerly the basic unit of money in France

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Backlog at March 31, 1999 totalled 1,213 million French Francs compared to 1,535 million French Francs at December 31, 1998.
He also claimed 100,000 French francs for each of his two children.
The proceeds from the public offering, which are expected to be approximately 7 billion French Francs, without taking into account the over- allotment option ("greenshoe"), will contribute to reducing the indebtedness of the Group.
Many of the hotel's regular American, European and Asian visitors have been told there are no rooms available, despite prices as high as 8,000 French francs ($3,150) a night (it's more if you want a TV).
From January 1988 until the end of 1992, we invested 4 billion French francs ($8 billion), some of which was spent on acquisitions.
3M is now able to process all of these functions in either euro or French Francs, at the customer's preference.
It comes within the framework of the growth strategy defined by the shareholders and, in particular, it will allow our Group to increase its sales to 130 billion French francs ($21 billion) and thus become the leader of the retailing industry in Paris," commented Christian Couvreux, chairman of the Management Board of Casino.
Total proceeds for CIDEM of the transactions, including the repayment of loans, are expected to amount to approximately French Francs 11.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- Hydro-Quebec announces that it has negotiated a new public issue of French Francs 1,500,000,000 maturing on March 13, 2008.
This release contains key figures converted from French francs to
CHICAGO, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Pechiney today announced consolidated sales for the first three months of 1996 of French francs (FF) 15.
Rosinoer oversaw the transformation of Clarins into a major force in cosmetics, skin care and fragrance, with annual sales of 4 billion French francs and more than 4,000 employees.