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the French department in charge of foreign affairs


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About a week after the Indian attack on 21st November, I ran into the "India -Pakistan" Desk Officer whom I had met a few times while accompanying the Ambassador to the French Foreign Office and he questioned why Pakistan had not immediately gone to the Security Council and then added himself, perhaps Pakistan was about to launch a riposte.
French Government decided to 'not to provide reactor to Pakistan - as an irrevocable decision - but 'its implications had evolved gradually' according to French Foreign Office member.
The French Foreign Office Spokesperson reiterated his country's support to Tunisia's democratic transition process, which, he said "is highly symbolic for the whole region".
We categorically and formally deny such rumors," said the spokesman of the French Foreign Office, Bernard Valero, in response to a question about the possible involvement of Paris in this regard.
I had been visiting the studios of Radio Monte Carlo, whose French and English programmes are transmitted from a hill in France, overlooking the principality, although most of their programming was in Arabic, secretly controlled by the French Foreign Office and transmitted from Cyprus.
Six Foreign Office ministers signed in the French Foreign office yesterday the Schuman Plan for pooling Western Europe's coal and steel resources.
Summary: Paris - France calls for a political, just, lasting and acceptable solution to the Sahara issue within the United Nations framework, spokesman of the French Foreign Office said on Monday.
Paris, Nov 27 (ANI): French Foreign Office spokesperson Eric Chevallier has said that a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute could pave the way for a better security situation in Afghanistan.
When the French foreign office (Quai d'Orsay) was asked about the legality of such a special French Jewish brigade, and how the status of the young French men fighting for Israel differed from that of mercenaries, all that the foreign ministry spokesman, Francois Riwasseau, would say was that: "I understand that their activities are legal because they hold dual nationality.