French Foreign Legion

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a former foreign legion in the French army that was used for military duties outside of France

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Svilen Simeonov, whose Muslim name is Taner Mehmedov Uzunov, served in the French Foreign Legion for over 10 years.
He also told pals he had enlisted with the French Foreign Legion, an elite unit famed for being one of the toughest in the world.
The French Foreign Legion was inaugurated in 1831 as a regular part of the French military and is made up of about 7,700 soldiers from 135 countries, including slightly fewer than 50 from Japan.
However, the French Foreign Legion has never had any trouble attracting enough people even though they only take 10 per cent of those trying to join.
19): After allowing the French Foreign Legion to pursue a Yugoslavian war criminal in its own inept fashion, Yugoslavs infiltrate a dinner party among the Unit and their wives, and an orgiastic gunfight ensues, wounding Jonas (Dennis Haysbert), not long after he learned his wife (Regina Taylor) lost their savings in a real-estate scam.
The French Foreign Legion is so famous that its name reaches far beyond military students alone and the general public has a good sense for its notoriety--yet few know the depth and details of its history.
For example, one such idea, which Beecher describes with indulgent affection, was named after Beau Geste, a Gary Cooper movie about the French Foreign Legion in North Africa.
It was the first time American troops have gone through the three-week commando course, which was taught by French Foreign Legion instructors.
So when World War I began he enlisted in the French Foreign Legion and he learned to fly, receiving his wings or certification on July 29, 1915.
We joined the French Foreign Legion for the weekend and now they're telling us we signed up for life," read the e-mail from Bernard Simmons, Web site designer.
In 1945, while he was in Marseilles, waiting to be transferred from the recently concluded war in Europe to the still raging war in the Pacific, Howard Simpson had his first contact with the Legion Etranger-the French Foreign Legion.
The original Mazagran was a cold beverage that members of the French Foreign Legion drank in the desert heat of Algeria.
Avildsen ("Rocky," "Rocky V" and "The Karate Kid 1-3"), which recently completed principle photography; and "Legionnaire," starring Van Damme as a professional boxer who joins the French Foreign Legion in order to escape the mob, which is currently available on video.
David Ulrich, 35, a Czech national who served in his country's army before joining the French Foreign Legion and serving in conflicts in Kosovo and Africa, admitted 11 counts of fraud by obtaining money through false representation at Swansea Crown Court today.