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(philosophy) a 20th-century philosophical movement chiefly in Europe

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Yet Cotkin's work extends beyond America's fascination with French existentialism.
Besides, it cannot be forgotten that many have been drawn to Paris because it was regarded as the center and model of civilized life, taste, and culture from the seventeenth century to the 1939-45 war--maybe even up to the decline of French existentialism.
Examination of the initial dissemination of French existentialism in American popular culture reveals a number of intertwined themes.
Finding life 'absurd' (that is, purposeless but interesting in its contingencies), Camus was linked inevitably with the vogue of French existentialism.
He often depicts characters who identify with French existentialism portrayed in works of authors like Camus and Sartre, works which, as far as I know, were translated into Arabic from the Fifties onwards.
The next section, Chapter 5, "Levinas's Discovery of the Other in the Making of French Existentialism," concentrates on Kierkegaard's reception in France and the impact of the Danish Christian existentialist's thought upon those in Levinas's circle.