French Congo

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a republic in west-central Africa

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Examples of the buildings were constructed for the French Equatorial Africa Pavilion at the Exposition Coloniale Internationale, Paris 1931, which is recounted at length.
Born in Neuilly, France, to Brethren United States missionaries, he spent his youth in France and French Equatorial Africa.
He completes his secondary schooling in Brazzaville, capital of then French Equatorial Africa.
Albert Schweitzer, a French clergyman and missionary who, among his many humanitarian works, established a hospital in French Equatorial Africa in 1913.
An interesting example of what colonialism was all about was provided in French Equatorial Africa, where French officials banned the Mandja people (now in Congo Brazzaville) from hunting, so that they would engage solely in cotton cultivation.
There, it included French Equatorial Africa, French West Africa, French Somaliland, and the islands of Madagascar and the Comoros.