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a Canadian descended from early French settlers and whose native language is French

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Settlers Green Outlet Village in North Conway has experienced the benefits of catering to French Canadian tourists, says Dot Seybold, general manager of OVP Management, which manages the shopping mall.
Bias was still detected against French Canadians at all levels of playing experience--it was not competed away when players acquired their property rights.
However, even before De Gaulle's controversial phrase, for years there was resentment in French Canada at what many French Canadians felt was the Anglophone minority in Quebec controlling the seats of power in the province.
By any standards, French Canadians and Loyalists are old Americans and share with the people of the United States a good deal of North American culture and tradition.
I had a French Canadian for a boss and it fucking killed me
French Canadians and now Quebecois have long known that their culture, over 400 years, was developed on this side of the Atlantic and is North American, but expressed in French--Quebecois French to be more specific.
T]HE MOBILITY of the French Canadians was a fundamental trait that demands examination if the continuity of the Quebec identity is to be fully understood.
There was a sort of gloom that pervaded everything and reached into the enclaves of the Irish in the Acre section of town, the hard-working Greeks who settled near downtown, the Billerica Poles and the French Canadians who inhabited Moody Street and Pawtucketville.
The cultures of the stereotypical, rough-cut native French Canadians and the prejudiced townspeople of Big Harbour clash constantiy, displaying routine abrasiveness and underlying distrust on both sides.
With the novel still an unavoidable element on all Quebec high--school reading lists, it's not surprising that the story of Seraphin, Donalda, Alexis, et al, feels like it's part of the upbringing of most French Canadians.
The French Canadians, who, by 1897, accounted for 800 of Toronto's population, were employed chiefly in factories.
This perception has been explained by the strong presence of French Canadians who were poor and had a lower preference for home ownership.
But, many French Canadians have seen this attempt to sweeten a bitter pill as a dilution of the importance of their language.
But a conglomeration of players that included a Finn, a Russian and a couple of pretty good French Canadians put the finishing touches on the end of an era Monday night, leading the Canadiens to a 4-1 victory over the Stars.
Nor was he motivated by any conscious anti-French sentiments which would lead him to prefer a seemingly well-known antagonist of French Canadians to be appointed Bishop of London.