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a Canadian descended from early French settlers and whose native language is French

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Logically organized and clearly written, Working-Class Americanism draws us into the world of Woonsocket's French Canadian and Franco-Belgian working class.
Whether one is interested in labour, migration patterns, French-Canadians, or Michigan, The French Canadians of Michigan is a history that offers a detailed look at two specific regions and will appeal to many.
Indeed, could the 150 [mainly working-class] national parishes founded in New England also be viewed as a "union," a religiously-based union, and the corresponding institutions as a "movement," a French Canadian institution-building movement, in the same comprehensive vein one speaks of a women's movement or an African American movement?
This was particularly important because it marked, for the first time since their settlement in Lowell, the association on the part of the American-born French Canadians with supervisory positions.
We're pleased to deliver our flagship product in French Canadian, especially coming so soon after our introduction of a Canadian version of Chrome Carbook.
Many of Quebec's customs and laws are intended as French Canadian empowerment after years of marginalisation, though in practice this can often look like one minority demanding its cultural grievances supersede all others.
3) Even though most settled in urban areas, in the forests along the border and in inland lumber regions of New England and New York there were logging camps composed entirely of French Canadian workers.
French Canadian debates over the significance of 1759 have become increasingly heated since the 1960s, so much so that Letourneau proposes that perhaps today "1759 does not belong primarily to a past that we might wish to study and understand, but, rather, to a present and a future that we might wish to shape and control" (279).
Having previously lived in a bilingual border town in Maine, Harrington realized that although a significant number of French Canadians were crossing the border to work shop and play in New Hampshire, the state's northernmost communities weren't doing as much as they could to help these visitors feel comfortable and welcome.
Child, who works for the New England Historic Genealogical Society also said that he could trace French Canadian families back 200 years within minutes because priests in Quebec handily indexed all marriages between the 1600s and the 1900s.
Recent research shows that remote First Nations communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, share the same dominant strain of tuberculosis because they all got it from French Canadian fur traders in the 1700s--a century before any TB epidemics were reported in those communities.
For decades French Canadian professional hockey players have faced salary discrimination, allegedly because their language, history, politics, and playing style are different from the more dominant English Canadian players.
The Quebecois had always felt bitter about the English conquest of Quebec and that many of the chauvinistic English Canadians would now and then remind the French Canadian of this defeat.
The girls winner was French Canadian Maude-Aimee LeBlanc (288).
And while that goal has been achieved, it is thanks exclusively to a boom in French Canadian cinema, which takes 25% of the Quebec box office.