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a republic on the western coast of central Africa

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French Cameroon achieved independence in 1960 as the Republic of Cameroon.
An important stage of the mass mobilisation programme came in the form of the 44th edition of the Youth Day Celebrations on 11 February, which incidentally is the date commemorating the plebiscite in which the British Southern Cameroons voted en masse to re-unite with the French Cameroons.
And the young French Cameroon defender's cause cannot have been helped when he was handed the No 46 jersey by Keegan for the second preseason friendly at Doncaster Rovers, the highest number in the squad.
Religious conflict and the evolution of language policy in German and French Cameroon, 1885-1939.
These words were written in 1925 by Andre Gide after his visit to French Cameroon with the photographer Marc Allegret.