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a republic on the western coast of central Africa

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The ruling coalition has generally balanced north-south divisions within French Cameroon.
The outcome therefore was an unbalanced union between the two Cameroons, which weighed in favor of French Cameroon.
In the 1980s, in an attempt to manage the language differences in the official print media, the French Cameroon Tribune was published five times a week, while the English version was published once a week.
When French Cameroon gained its independence on 1 January 1960 without a constitution (p.
It was also in that year that the State of West Cameroon came into being after reunification with French Cameroon.
French Cameroon achieved independence in 1960 as the Republic of Cameroon.
An important stage of the mass mobilisation programme came in the form of the 44th edition of the Youth Day Celebrations on 11 February, which incidentally is the date commemorating the plebiscite in which the British Southern Cameroons voted en masse to re-unite with the French Cameroons.
The French Cameroon dentist had told the committee: "I am just wondering how often I will be punished for something I say I have never done.
In the first volume of his memoirs, Foccart Parle, which took the form of authorized interviews with Philippe Gaillard, Foccart slyly confirmed that he had been responsible for the assassination of two rebel leaders in French Cameroon, Felix Moumie and Ruben um Nyobe.
His article explains why protest migrants from French Cameroon still desired a connection with their places of origin.
In 1960, French Cameroon became independent under President Ahmadou Ahidjo.
French Cameroon immigrants refer to the inhabitants of the British Southern Cameroons whose birth places, homes of origin or ethnic bases were in the French administered Cameroon.
Unity means loving and sharing with one another, but ever since the Southern Cameroon joined French Cameroon, all development investments have only benefitted French Cameroon," said Sylvanus Keti, an insurance broker.
In her mid-twenties, Sally Chilver first came into contact with the French Cameroons when she was recruited to a new section of the War Cabinet Office dealing with the strategic overview of trade with the overseas territories of France and Belgium.