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an honorary group of French writers and thinkers supported by the French government

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The president of the French Academy dubbed them "the new Argonauts" when the two groups departed, in 1735 and 1736.
The French academy might not be among the mostfamous European academies but it has been a home to the likes of Robert Pires, Frank Ribery, Emmanuel Adebayor, Louis Saha among others.
IAA President praises existing cooperation between the IAA and the French Academy.
A recent report from the French Academy of Sciences may offer some help.
TUNIS (TAP) - Professor Kamel Bouraoui has just won the Achard-medicine prize, on examination, of the French Academy of Medicine for this year, thus crowning all his works.
The research was published online in the June 29, 2012 edition of Comptes Rendus Biologies, a publication of the French Academy of Sciences.
The agenda also includes a Telecommunications Ministry request to issue a postal stamp on the occasion of the election of Lebanese-born French novelist Amin Maalouf to the French Academy and another request to issue a memorial postal stamp marking poet Saeed Akel's centenarian anniversary.
NNA - 14/6/2012 - The Lebanese Prime Minister Thursday phone called Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf and congratulated him for joining the French Academy, "the prestigious cultural institution," known for its "immortal" members.
la pfte (hands-on) was launched in 1996 by French Academy of Sciences with the support of the National Institute for Pedagogical Research and the cole normale sup'rieure (Paris) and French Ministry of Education.
Bhutto on the model of French academy of letters to promote literary activities in the country.
On 31 August, Le Verrier announced his calculated position of Neptune to the French Academy.
Al Muhairi was one of the three from over 600 applicants who were selected to pursue a one-year motor sports course in a French Academy.
2002 -- France, represented by the French academy, honors Kuwaiti Iman Khalid Al-Musallam a medal with a level of knight for her efforts in caring for French in the educational field in Kuwait.
He received several prizes, including the Grand Science Prize of UAP (1986), the Computer Science Prize of the French Academy of Sciences (1994), and the Silver Medal of CNRS (2004).
HENDERSON domestically Unless poached for the Chelsea reserve side, players produced by the French academy system get the chance to play first-team football.