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North of the border, extreme southern California is also the only place to find the first national champion desert apricot and Mexican fremontia.
CA) FORESTIERA Texas Forestiera angustifolia * (TX) FREMONTIA Mexican Fremontodendron mexicanum * (CA) GRAYTWIG Schoepfia chrysophylloides (FL) GUAVA Psidium guajava # (FL, CA) GUIANA-PLUM Drypetes lateriflora (FL) HACKBERRY Lindheimer Celtis lindheimeri (TX) HAWTHORN Barberry Crataegus berberifolia * (IL, KS, TX, MS, KY, MO, LA, AR) HAWTHORN Beautiful Crataegus pulcherrima (FL) HAWTHORN Brainerd Crataegus brainerdii * (MI, OH, PA) HAWTHORN Gregg Crataegus greggiana * (TX) HAWTHORN Harbison Crataegus harbisonii * (TN, AL, MS) HAWTHORN Pensicola Crataegus lacrimata (FL) HAWTHORN Reverchon Crataegus reverchonii * (MO, KS) HAWTHORN Threeflower Crataegus triflora * (GA, AL, MS) HAWTHORN Willow Crataegus saligna * (CO) HICKORY Scrub Carya floridana (FL) HOLLY Dune Ilex opaca var.