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American basswood of the Allegheny region

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Arizona White Oak (268 points): This tree is only about an hour drive from the Fremont Cottonwood.
The three major drainages we studied were Lyle, Post, and O'Donnell canyons, each of which supported mixed riparian woodlands consisting principally of desert willow, Arizona walnut, velvet ash, Wright's sycamore, and Fremont cottonwood along with smaller numbers of Goodding's willow.
The lesser-known cottonwoods from around the United States include fremont cottonwood, also called white cottonwood (Populus fremontii); plains cottonwood, also known as western cottonwood, sweet cottonwood and sargen poplar (Populus deltoides and Populus occidentalis); Rio Grande cottonwood or valley cottonwood (Populus wislizeni); and palmer cottonwood (Populus palmeri).
More than 70% of the nests we found at the Gila River were constructed in boxelder; another 20% were constructed in Arizona alder (Alnus oblongifolia), Fremont cottonwood, Goodding's willow (Salix gooddingii), and netleaf hackberry (Celtis reticulate, Table 1).
Native plants like Fremont cottonwood and seep willow have recolonized treated areas, and springs that were nearly sucked dry from tamarisk are returning to historical flows.
These restoration areas were planted with native species such as Fremont cottonwood (Populus fremontii), Goodding's willow (Salix gooddingii), coyote willow (Salix exigua), and honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa).
We had just rediscovered the gigantic Fremont cottonwood that used to be the national champion decades ago, but had been bested by a somewhat larger tree in New Mexico.