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United States explorer who mapped much of the American west and Northwest (1813-1890)

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There can be no assurance that future developments will be in accordance with management's expectations so that the effect of future developments on Fremont will be those anticipated by management.
Fremont Investment & Loan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fremont General Corporation (FMT:NYSE).
It was just difficult to appreciate what they achieved in light of such a difficult loss to Fremont.
During the third quarter, Fremont General posted an $85.
Additional results at Fremont Bank also reflect financial strength.
Fremont Investment & Loan provided a $40,500,000 loan to finance the construction of the 5-story structure announced David Sotolov, Vice President, Senior Loan Originator in Fremont's Phoenix office.
Fremont (13-1) tried blocking, but its players couldn't reach high enough or get the timing down.
A lot is at stake for a small supplier like Fremont.
Given the uncertainties in the 2009 market, Fremont Bank's Board of Directors decided to take TARP as a precautionary measure.
Additionally, I see this as a positive transaction for our agents, employees and the Fremont community as ACIA plans to maintain Fremont's franchise and our Fremont, Mich.
In addition, Smith points to factors that helped Fremont to believe in this project: "The outstanding location, financially strong borrowers and Fremont's loan structure that will help keep the project on track.
But Fremont has revised the terms, making a lower purchase price possible.
Fremont Bank continues to be one of the most financially sound banks on the West Coast," says Fremont Bank President Andy Mastorakis.
These alternatives include, but are not limited to, a revised business plan, operating partnerships, joint ventures, strategic alliances, acquisitions, exchange listing applications, a recapitalization, and the sale or merger of Fremont.
Fremont Investment & Loan provided a $46 million loan to Dunhill Partners for the conversion of an existing apartment building, The Shelton, into 129 for-sale condominiums.