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Love and Freindship and Other Early Works (Barnes and Noble, 2005) and Two Histories of England by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens (Harper Collins, 2006) do not reproduce the images at all.
Another feather in his cap is being the President, Pak-Belgium Freindship Association, Karachi and is one of the founder members of Pakistan France Business Alliance.
In his spelling test Goodman's only errors were with 'missascribe, missguidnace and freindship,' and he made occasional mistakes when asked to read Goldsmith's Rome.
CHAS Appeal Fund: pounds 10 EU Congregational Church Freindship Club.
With the hand of Freindship extended to seaverall members of Ex Cathedra, the choir was solid and well balanced, and, in spite of the briefest of rehearsals, well up to the job.
By contrast, Austen poked fun at the excesses of the cult surrounding Goethe's forerunner to the artist novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774), in her juvenilia Love and Freindship, and her attitude did not seem to have changed significantly when, many years later, she began to create her mature fiction.
This mysterious encounter between two solitary women traversing the streets of London is one of the more enigmatic moments in the text: their "trembl[ing]" and "blush[ing]" nod towards typical bodily responses associated with the literature of sensibility--the conventions of which Austen so successfully burlesques in Love and Freindship and other early works.
Floor resembles the bon roots in "Love and Freindship," that earlier piece of absurdist comedy written at age fourteen, where, as Peter Sabor notes, she puns on the "staves" of a barrel as akin to the stays of a woman's corset with the character of"Gregory Staves a Staymaker" (Juvenilia 138, 443).
Further, it is the name given to a protagonist, in Jane Austen's "Love and Freindship," who is "all Sensibility and Feeling," a heroine who is recognized as "most truly worthy of the Name" by the equally sentimental Laura, herself possessed of "[a] sensibility too tremblingly alive" (MW 78, 85).