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Soon to be operating, stoplights perch above traffic lanes at interchange of the 118 and the 210 freeways in Lake View Terrace.
Data from wire sensor loops under the freeways is gathered by Caltrans, which then provides this information to Metro via the Regional Integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems (RITTS).
Researchers and air quality regulators have long known that freeways are among the most toxic sources of pollution in the Southland -- and that particulate matter pollution can damage the lungs, brain and heart.
area freeway system that challenges players to find the shortest way to L.
We want to make the entire freeway system easier to get around with.
The Metro Freeway Service Patrol this week began its search for drivers in trouble along a 17-mile stretch of Interstate 5, from Roxford Street in Sylmar to Lake Hughes Road in Castaic.
2 -- ran in AV edition only) Construction crews work on a car-pool lane on the Antelope Valley Freeway near Palmdale on Thursday afternoon.
And construction is set to begin soon on a car-pool lane on the northbound San Diego Freeway between the Westside and the San Fernando Valley, promising relief in coming years.
Standing alongside the San Diego Freeway, crawling with bumper-to-bumper traffic, the Republican governor praised the bipartisan effort, which he hopes to replicate as he undertakes a multibillion-dollar effort to rebuild California's transportation system.
Since adding new freeways is now prohibitive, we must increase the capacity of the ones we have via such solutions as double-decking.
Near the start of her 27-mile morning commute from Woodland Hills to Pasadena, Mindy Zipperstein sees the electronic sign on the eastbound Ventura Freeway just past White Oak Avenue - it tells her how long it will take to get to the 134 Freeway, how many minutes to downtown.
5-mile highway connects the Ventura Freeway in Thousand Oaks with the Ronald Reagan Freeway in Moorpark.
So far this year, four people have been killed and several others were wounded in a rash of gunfire on Southern California freeways.
SANTA CLARITA - The local California Highway Patrol station has increased patrols on area freeways in response to the recent spate of freeway shootings plaguing the region, authorities said.
The report came as law enforcement and transportation executives plan to meet next week to discuss ways to monitor and record traffic on Southland freeways amid the investigation into recent shootings, some deadly.