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port city and the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone

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Lungo added: "It's not ideal running Full Irish and Freetown against each other but it's the only way to get a race into Freetown.
Even today, Freetown residents say he changed things for the better, drastically cutting inflation, cleaning up the capital, and putting the long defunct national TV station back on air.
January 6, 1999 is etched in Mamadou's memory, the day troops of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) and the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) invaded Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown.
August 25: 11 experienced members of the Royal Irish Regiment are captured by ragbag group of teenagers the West Side Boys, who control an area east of Freetown and were generally thought to be on same side as the government and peacekeepers.
They are based at Benguema which is on the Freetown peninsula and were on a routine training visit in the vicinity of the town," he said.
The 11 soldiers were patrolling an area 40 miles east of Freetown when they were captured.
Mission East aid worker Greg Dixon, 44, of Aberdeen, will spend a month in capital Freetown with children bullied into taking up arms for rebels.
In Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, the surgeons are frantic.
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone--The kidnappings and killings of Catholic missionaries early this year drew attention not only to the courage and vulnerability of missionaries but also this West African country's 10-year-old civil war, which has developed into a battle between rebels and government forces supported by a regional "peacekeeping" force.
Archbishop Joseph Henry Ganda of Freetown in Sierra Leone has been taken hostage by rebel forces, according to an Italian news service report Jan.
More than 1,300 refugees were on the merchant vessel Victory Reefer, which anchored 10 miles off Freetown, Sierra Leone, about 250 miles northwest of the Liberian capital of Monrovia.
MEDITECH) jointly announced today plans to enter into an agreement for MEDITECH to purchase approximately 135 acres of land at Riverfront Business Park in Freetown, Mass.
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, Shawwal 14, 1436, Jul 30, 2015, SPA -- Authorities in Sierra Leone are now monitoring more than 500 people after one man died from Ebola in area where the virus had been gone for months, AP reported.
The airline had been badly affected by the outbreak of deadly disease Ebola in the region, which has forced the airline to suspend flights from Gatwick to Freetown in Sierra Leone in August.