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the form of theological rationalism that believes in God on the basis of reason without reference to revelation


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In addition to Williamson and Gordon, the plaintiffs in the case include the Central Florida Freethought Community; the Space Coast Freethought Association and its president Chase Hansel and the Humanist Community of the Space Coast and its president Keith Becher.
I'm delighted to accept the endorsement of the Freethought Equality Fund and everyone else who wants to make sure that we base public policy on science, reason and humanist values that take into account the interests of all people.
The All-Star Freethought Conference, to be held on July 12 at the RiverCentre in St.
We have similar worldviews" about service opportunities, said Jonathan Weyer, a Christian Outreach staff member who has worked with Students for Freethought.
Although Barcan is writing from the `other side', as it were, he concedes the immense influence of Andersonian thought (mostly through the Freethought Society) at Sydney.
The Thomas Paine Foundation is a part of the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia, which had $13,800 in annual revenue in 2008.
Humanists certainly fall along a spectrum of responses to the attacks, ranging from a freethought tradition expressed by Bill Maher, who said that all religions are "stupid and dangerous--and we should insult them," to our own egalitarian tradition seeking tolerance, education, and compassion in a multicultural society.
They came together in Montgomery as part of the Alabama Rally for Secular Government, which was hosted by the Montgomery Area Freethought Association.
Endorsements from Newly Formed Freethought Equality Fund PAC
Chapters contain information on topics related to freethought activism, law, education, parenting, science, religion, secular holidays, and art (fiction literature, music, film, comedy).
Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds opinions should be formed on the basis of logic, reason and empiricism and not authority, tradition, or other dogmas.
Even though the nephew writes from the perspective of a Judaist who scorns infidels like all good Judaists should, the mission the nephew is trying to accomplish is a Freethought one: debunking the ridiculous myths about his loony uncle that continued to get more ridiculous until finally he lived to see his uncle promoted to a deity by a cult that had ceased being any kind of Judaism.
He left the largest estate ever received by the Freethought movement when he died in 1988.
Meanwhile, aerospace engineer and North Alabama Freethought Association board member Kelly McCauley delivered an invocation at the opening of the September 25 Huntsville City Council meeting.
Center for Humanist Activism Launches Freethought Equality Fund PAC