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an area adjoining a port where goods that are intended for reshipment can be received and stored without payment of duties


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a port open on equal terms to all commercial vessels

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First, White & Case represented Freeport LNG in a negotiated joint venture between Freeport LNG and Osaka Gas Co.
These company reports, including financial audits and environmental impact assessments, were conducted either by Freeport or its subcontractors, documenting illegal activity at a systemic level.
Freeport is the second largest village in the State of New York and was one of the first urban communities on the South Shore.
Through the day Tuesday, people stopped Freeport cars that passed the roads in the Papuan town Timika without being escorted by the Indonesian military and confiscated them.
It's also building a third hotel in Freeport with a convention center and casino.
There is little question that Freeport is involved directly in these ongoing atrocities.
Two days later, local residents heard more reports of rough treatment at the hands of Freeport staff.
The report linked Freeport to the torture and slaughter of people by government troops.
Newman Ferrara LLP's investigation concerns whether the Boards of Directors of Freeport, McMoRan, and Plains have engaged in self-dealing and have failed to act in the best interests of their respective shareholders in breach of their fiduciary duties.
With closing on financing, Freeport LNG has completed all milestones and issued a full notice to proceed to CB&I, Inc.
CEO of Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold, Freeport confirmed that Richard Adkerson, will attend the negotiations.
Beale, president of CH-IV International (CH-IV), indicated his company will continue its owner's engineering support for Freeport LNG Expansion L.
The three-day rebellion began after a vehicle driven by a Freeport employee accidentally struck a local tribesman, Wilenus Kogoya.
The Amungme and Komoro people who inhabit the area where Freeport operates have long complained that the company has expropriated and despoiled their land without providing adequate compensation and that Indonesia, which owns a 10 percent stake in Freeport's operation, regularly uses its security forces to forcibly relocate inhabitants away from areas the company wishes to exploit.
THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Effective January 30, 2012, Freeport LNG Expansion, L.