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a person who is not a serf or a slave

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Entrance to the Freemen is either hereditary or through apprenticeship.
If the bill becomes law, with nearly 1,500 Freemen in Newcastle alone, there are likely to be women ( daughters of existing Freemen ( eligible to join.
During the Freemen siege, CIRG negotiators used both types of TPIs.
During the Freemen siege, for example, group members repeatedly refused to recognize any government authority, thereby necessitating the use of TPIs to open the dialogue and later to facilitate a reasonable settlement.
On Saturday, the steady rhythms of farm life replaced high anxiety around Justus Township, the foreclosed wheat farm where Freemen held the FBI at bay for 81 days until their surrender Thursday.
Clark bought the land at auction last fall, but Freemen - some of them his relatives - ordered him to stay off.
As two vans and one sedan carrying the Freemen left the compound, an FBI agent in a vehicle that followed leaned out his window and waved an American flag - a gesture of triumph that the longest armed siege in modern U.
As Freemen gathered Wednesday night in their main building, FBI agents in flak jackets took down a tentlike shelter near the entrance to the compound, where weeks of open-air negotiations have taken place.
The arrest of Schweitzer and another Freemen leader more than two months ago sparked the 79-day standoff.
Until the last 24 hours, negotiations had been stalled for two weeks between federal agents and the Freemen, some of whom are wanted on charges of circulating millions of dollars in bogus checks and threatening to kidnap and kill a federal judge.
A source familiar with the FBI strategy said the highly publicized arrival of the armored vehicles and helicopter was not a sign that authorities plan to move on the Freemen immediately.
The negotiators have their own strategy for contacting the Freemen and don't want this kind of disruption,'' said a senior federal official in Washington, speaking on condition of anonymity.
The Freemen are using the Constitution as a facade to prevent their incarceration for illegal activity.
James ``Bo'' Gritz gave up trying to persuade the Freemen to surrender Wednesday, saying the anti-government extremists have taken an ``oath to God'' not to leave their compound until their demands are met.
Residents who had dismissed the freemen as kooks or freeloaders started to get angry in 1994, when the group refused to pay taxes and bank loans, refused to move off foreclosed property, posted bounties for the ``arrest'' of police and judges, seized federal property and threatened to arrest or shoot neighboring ranchers who grazed their sheep and cattle on the land.