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a person who is not a serf or a slave

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The Freemen of Newcastle have preserved the Town Moor for 900 years since the time of King John, and women have always been denied the honorific title.
During the Freemen siege, CIRG negotiators used both types of TPIs.
On Saturday, the steady rhythms of farm life replaced high anxiety around Justus Township, the foreclosed wheat farm where Freemen held the FBI at bay for 81 days until their surrender Thursday.
All 16 remaining members of the anti-government Freemen surrendered to the FBI and left their ranch Thursday, ending the 81-day standoff without the bloodshed of Waco and Ruby Ridge.
With the blessing of a jailed Freemen leader, FBI agents and members of the extremist group positioned themselves Wednesday for a dramatic surrender ending the 80-day standoff.
A Freemen leader was flown by the FBI to Billings on Tuesday to confer with a jailed comrade about a possible surrender by the 17 people remaining in the ranch surrounded by federal agents.
In the first defections from the right-wing Freemen fugitives in two months, a couple, along with the woman's two children, Thursday voluntarily left the group's High Plains farmhouse and were whisked away by federal agents.
The FBI brought black armored cars and a rescue helicopter to their staging area near the Freemen ranch Friday, saying they might be needed to help end the standoff with the armed anti-government fugitives.
Officials said they decided to evict the media after a Fox Television news crew went to a fence around the compound Tuesday night and negotiated for interviews with the Freemen without telling the government beforehand.
As the second month of the Freemen standoff in Montana ended Friday, no tangible results remained from weeks of negotiations by two right-wing mediators.
Ralph Clark, 65, and his brother, Emmett, 67, owned the farm that the Freemen now call Justus Township.
James ``Bo'' Gritz gave up trying to persuade the Freemen to surrender Wednesday, saying the anti-government extremists have taken an ``oath to God'' not to leave their compound until their demands are met.
Former Green Beret colonel James ``Bo'' Gritz concluded a second round of talks with the Freemen on Sunday as the FBI kept watch on the anti-government group's remote compound for the 35th day.
The Freemen holed up on an isolated farm where they claim to have their own legal system should surrender and face an established court, a leader of another militant group said Sunday.
Residents who had dismissed the freemen as kooks or freeloaders started to get angry in 1994, when the group refused to pay taxes and bank loans, refused to move off foreclosed property, posted bounties for the ``arrest'' of police and judges, seized federal property and threatened to arrest or shoot neighboring ranchers who grazed their sheep and cattle on the land.