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a member of a widespread secret fraternal order pledged to mutual assistance and brotherly love

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But the British inquiry, led by freemason Lord Mersey, John Charles Bigham, failed to blame the Board of Trade.
Lord Pirrie, the chairman of the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast Whitewash probe exonerated most of those involved where the Titanic pictured, was built, and a director of shipping line White Star's parent company, was also a Freemason Nic Compton, author of Titanic on Trial, told History.
FREEMASONS have been accused of conspiring with aliens, being sexual deviants and of secretly running the planet.
Youngsters from 13 schools such as Tiverton, Three Spires, Castle Wood and organisations including Zoe's Place baby hospice attended the pantomime organised by Coventry Freemasons who footed the bill.
THE Freemasons are taking on their first-ever "youth ambassador" in a bid to ditch their image as a group for old men with funny handshakes.
FREEMASONS opened their doors for an annual ladies' evening on Tyneside.
He also said, in its present state, Freemason Lodge would be left without a dwelling for a trainer were he to sell the premises in future.
The current Pope, when he was a cardinal, reaffirmed the decree that it is incompatible with Catholicism to be a Freemason.
But a civil servant who contacted the Western Mail contrasted the appointment of Mr Williams with an earlier decision to block the appointment of Gerard Elias QC as the Welsh Assembly's counsel general - partly because he was a freemason.
Of course they must discover why it is incompatible and the problem that arises there is that you can't discover that until you become a freemason.
It is likely that the kidnaped Black Freemason accomplished this by means of "signs and tokens," performing the gestures by which members of the Order could make their affiliation known to each other.
Freemason Ray Townley said: "It means that someone in a wheelchair can use it while still sitting.
According to Wesley Berry II a fourth generation Freemason, "In 1764, the Provincial Grand Master of the Free and Accepted Masons in New York issued a Charter to a Masonic Lodge in Detroit.
Stuart Leist, a senior Freemason from Coventrybased b d T i i L d d Trinity Lodge and former Scout leader said: "This donation was in direct response to their appeal and based on the opinion that Scouting and Freemasonry are two parallel organisations which both encourage personal improvement and support others less fortunate than ourselves.
Story of a prominent Freemason JUST an e-mail to thank you for yet another brilliant issue (issue 103).