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a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them

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Dawn Papandrea, a New York-based freelance writer specializing in personal finance, higher education, and family topics
By LUPE RUIZ-FLORES, a freelance writer in San Antonio, Texas.
The other freelance writer, from Chiba Prefecture, 56, wrote a book on Agaricus mushrooms, and Kawamura checked the book in which it was stated that the mushroom has cancer-combating effects.
ABOUT THE TRAINER: Fiona Cole is a certified yoga instructor and freelance writer based in Los Angeles.
Michael Crabb is a Toronto-based freelance writer, broadcaster, and dance critic of the Canadian daily The National Post.
An absolute "must-have" for any freelance writer looking to earn a steady living.
With the story and illustrations by Denise Bennett Minnerly and the text by poet and freelance writer Gladys Walker, Molly Meets Mona And Friends: A Magical Day In The Museum is an unusually effective collaboration that introduces painting and sculpture to young readers, and is a welcome addition to any school or community library children's picture book collection.
Coble is a freelance writer who pens the self-syndicated music column Stereo Homo.
STANLEY ZAROWIN is a freelance writer in Zionsville, Indiana.
As a freelance writer who works for several of the major weekly and monthly Japanese magazines, I have watched with dismay as politicians and bureaucrats have sought to protect themselves via the new law.
She has also been a freelance writer and photographer for a number of international architecture and business publications.
Gordon Hurd is a freelance writer, photographer, and soon-to-be father based in Oakland, CA.
Occasionally he is the editor of the Clermont NUZ newsletter and is also a freelance writer.
Managing Editor Alysia Tate and freelance writer Sarah Karp earned second place awards in the National Federation of Press Women's 2001 Communications Contest.
Freelance writer Laurie Kaplan Singh looks at the host of Web-based software systems that are allowing a new level of central control over the planning process.