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The board sets policy under the Administrative Code authored by the freeholders.
About 2,600 of the required 9,100 piles for the foundation of the 639,000 s/f indoor water and amusement park being added to the site are in place, Armlin told the Freeholders.
Following remarks by dozens of local residents and union workers in support of the project, each of the seven Bergen County Freeholders voiced their strong endorsements for the LG project before casting their votes for the resolution.
They were lifted by their arms and legs by two fellow Freeholders and "dunted" - placed three times on the official dunting stone - in the rarely used initiation ceremony.
The stair carpet in the communal area of our block needs replacing, but as freeholders, we're not sure what to look for.
THE stair carpet in the communal area of our block needs to be replaced but we freeholders don't know where to buy a new one or what to look for.
Three disinterested freeholders of the county determined that GRMM was entitled to $285,550 as a result of the appropriation.
Stephen's Green, Dublin 2 to be receivers and managers over all of the Company's undertaking, property and assets whatsoever and wheresoever both present and future including its uncalled capital for the time being and goodwill as more particularly set out in and charged by the Mortgage Debenture, and including without limitation parts of the lands in the townland of Clonmellon and Barony of Delvin being all of the property comprised in Folio 28975F of the Register of Freeholders County Westmeath as more particularly set out in and charged by the Mortgage Debenture.
In addition to being president of the Senate, Sweeney has stepped in as the state's acting governor, and served as director of the Glouster Country Board of Chosen Freeholders.
It should be the policy of republics to multiply their freeholders, as it is the policy of monarchies to multiply tenants.
Thomas passes over their first brief encounter in November 1830 when Macaulay rose to defend Brougham--who as a peer could no longer speak in the Commons--from Croker's charge that the newly ennobled Lord Chancellor had betrayed a recent pledge to the Yorkshire freeholders that he would accept no position other than representing them.
A more reform-minded Board of Freeholders rewrote the charter - with backing from the Associated Chambers of Commerce from the San Fernando Valley and civic groups in the Harbor and Westside - to include provisions for a borough system.
25) This was true not only for freeholders but also for tenants whose improvements were their most valuable asset and could be sold by them or, in the case of leaseholders, transferred to the next generation.
Magazzu, a Freeholder for the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders, served last year as NJAC's First Vice President.