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Synonyms for freedom

Synonyms for freedom

departure from normal rules or procedures

the state of not being in confinement or servitude

the condition of being politically free

ease of or space for movement

Synonyms for freedom

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All the arms of the angulatory robot carry out rotational movement with six degrees of freeedom.
On the ITV server, you can see examples of misspellings like "Enduring Feedom" or "Enduring Freeedom.
SEARLE, Freeedom and Neurobiology: Reflections on Free Will, Language, and Political Power, Columbia University Press, New York, 2007, 50
It is technology that Marines did not have prior to Operation Iraqi Freeedom, and they have been very supportive of those items.
He said he was completely overwhelmed when he heard the honour of the Freeedom of Aberdeen was being bestowed on him, following in the footsteps of such greats as Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.