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a civil right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution

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Liberty Institute protects freedom of religious expression in our military, schools, churches, and throughout the public arena.
Do you think that freedom of religious expression exists in Yemen?
His letter may have been addressed to American Jews, but it also helped secure freedom of religious expression for groups like Baptists, Catholics, Presbyterians, and Quakers.
In the rabbinic Judaism that governed these communities, athletic martyrdom was not an ideal for early modern Jews, nor was freedom of religious expression.
The current statement, presented in February to the fourth National Interfaith forum in Hamilton, reinforces the existing legal and policy framework that guarantees equal treatment of all faiths before the state, the right to safety for religious individuals and communities, freedom of religious expression, the right to recognition and reasonable accommodation for religious groups, and the promotion of understanding in education.
Is she not aware that not only do we have freedom of speech in this country but also the freedom of religious expression (under the human rights act) which is exactly what the protesters were doing?
The ACLU and other organizations have been able to exploit the Civil Rights Attorneys' Fees Act of 1976 to con judges into awarding them taxpayers' funding to defend the ``civil rights'' of a tiny number of atheists who oppose religious symbols on public property, while trampling on the rights of millions of Americans to freedom of religious expression.
This article contributes to the literature by measuring and discussing the impact of religious freedom--a basic civil right that includes freedom to worship, freedom from religious persecution, freedom of religious press, freedom of religious expression, and freedom of religious organization and affiliation.
At times, freedom of religious expression seems to conflict with social interests such as the historic battles over conscientious objection and the draft or the use of peyote, a controlled substance, in Native American worship and whether Mormons might practice polygamy.
Two senior judges rejected arguments that the decision to convict the late Harry John Hammond, a 'sincere' 69-year-old evangelical Christian, for displaying the sign unlawfully interfered with his freedom of religious expression and infringed human rights.
The southern region gained some control over its economy and educational system as well as freedom of religious expression.
As Rosen concludes, the resulting expansion of freedom of religious expression may well be a healthy development for public life.
Copts Association, the brief states: "Despite international disapproval, the Egyptian government 'continues to deny Copts basic rights such as judicial and police protection from persecution, freedom of religious expression and worship, and equal opportunity employment.
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