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a right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution

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I invite them to commit clearly in favour of the freedom of press and to put forward concrete measures for the release of the blogger Raif Badawi,"summoned Ms.
Yasmine Kacha, RWB Tunis Office, said freedom of press in Tunisia is threatened today.
This is not only an attack on the editorial of Charlie Hebdo, but the entire freedom of press in France," he said.
The statement from the editorial board of the newspaper, carried in seven languages, said yesterday's mass detentions mark another step backward in Turkey's declining freedom of press record.
Project details : Right of access to information is considered as one of the most essential Constituents of freedom of press and media.
The G10 Ambassadors reiterated their countries' support to freedom of press, however they stressed that the practice of freedoms should be accompanied by great sense of responsibly.
The minister said the government believes in freedom of press and freedom of expression added that Nawaz government would support media in difficult time which it has been passing through.
Like thousands of journalists & civil society members, I was also one of the witnesses and also small part to the long & difficult struggle meant for Freedom of Press in the country, almost for the last five decades.
Al-Shahmani also asked the Iraqi Syndicate of Journalists to fulfill its duty to confront such attempts and prevent misuse of the freedom of press for disrespecting Muslim religious leaders.
discussion on freedom of press in Palestine said Tuesdaythat freedom of
The Embassy also expressed deep concern on the killing of 2 Iraqi journalists in Mosul, asserting its condemnation of all attacks aim to limit the freedom of press and intimidate the media.
Cairo, June 26 (BNA)-- The Arab Journalists Union (AJU) released in Cairo today its annual report on freedom of press in the Arab world and violations against journalists in 2012-2013 by observing 18 member states through field studies and national union's reports.
On this day over the past 19 years, the world's members of the media had reaffirmed the basic principles of the freedom of press, expressed their determination in defending the freedom of press, and even paid the highest respect and remembrance to those who have lost their lives in harness.
A new statement about freedom of press and opinion in Egypt in a nutshell defends Morsi and his government against the facts we have on the ground i.
The judges say they do not oppose the freedom of press and are not blaming the media, stressing there was one main source of such negativity a an unnamed law office in Plovdiv with "serious interests in criminal verdicts.
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