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a right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution

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He also started the Freedom of Press Foundation - a non-profit organization to support free speech and freedom of press.
The SNJT stressed the need to respect freedom of press, calling on the politicians to not intervene in the media content.
The government is committed to the total freedom of press and expression and there is no gag on it in the country.
Bengaluru: Vice-President Hamid Ansari on Monday said a free media was not only beneficial, but necessary in a free society and any attack on the freedom of press would jeopardise the citizens' rights.
But a more disturbing realisation is also dawning that should worry those who espouse the cause of freedom of press.
The four-day conference will discuss the freedom of press in the age of technology and communication, protecting journalists, covering news on refugees and immigrants and the role of media in fighting terrorism and extremism, he noted.
It [the AK Party] restricts freedom of press and expression, union rights and right to assembly and demonstration.
The latest attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is not only attack against the editorial office in Paris but attack on the entire freedom of press in France, French Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Stephane Catta told January 15 press conference in Bishkek.
The Zaman newspaper, in a hard-hitting statement, yesterday condemned the crackdown by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government on the freedom of press, and asserted that free media cannot be silenced.
Many have stated that as restrictions on the freedom of press increased, journalists' permits and legal procedures are useless in providing security and legal protection.
Like thousands of journalists & civil society members, I was also one of the witnesses and also small part to the long & difficult struggle meant for Freedom of Press in the country, almost for the last five decades.
discussion on freedom of press in Palestine said Tuesdaythat freedom of
Cairo, June 26 (BNA)-- The Arab Journalists Union (AJU) released in Cairo today its annual report on freedom of press in the Arab world and violations against journalists in 2012-2013 by observing 18 member states through field studies and national union's reports.
The forum will discuss political, professional and legal issues concerning Arab journalists, particularly freedom of Press, opinion and expression.
Problems relating to freedom of press have also been detected in old democracies such as Great Britain.
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