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a civil right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution

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PIF also highlighted several examples of encroachments to online freedom of speech in a recent blog post, including an open mic capturing Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Germany's President Angela Merkel discussing how Facebook could ban user posts critical of Merkel's immigration policy; national online Latino organization Presente.
Freedom of speech must be limited if the reputation of the state may be damaged, said Member of the Parliament Torobai Zulpukarov at the plenary session of the Parliament.
CLOSE on the heels on upholding freedom of expression on the Internet by scrapping section 66A of the Information Technology Act, the Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution was not " absolute", and poets and authors cannot use abusive words against anyone like Mahatma Gandhi in the name of artistic freedom.
According to Bahrain's constitution, law and international agreements a person is entitled to freedom of speech," the judge said as he read out the verdict yesterday.
I AGREE with Alison Phillips that freedom of speech also gives us the freedom not to say things that might offend (Mirror, January 14).
My instinct, following the brutal murders of the 12 journalists and cartoonists of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, was that newspapers and other media outlets should support freedom of speech and their fallen colleagues by running the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad the murderers had found so objectionable.
FREEDOM of speech and respect for the law are regarded as the most important British values, according to a new poll.
Johannesburg, March 23 ( ANI ): Addressing students in Beijing, US First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly said that freedom of speech and religion and access to information should be universal rights.
Leon Wood It's not freedom of speech when he is disrupting a game.
Every scream, hollaback and quickie is anonymous and unfiltered; allowing users to exercise Freedom of Speech.
In relevant remarks in March, the Iranian lawmaker ruled out pressure or discrimination against religious minorities in Iran, and stressed that freedom of speech in its true sense is prevalent in Iran.
Responding to queries sent by a CNN interactive program on the press freedom in the Middle East, the ministry said: "Kuwait has a long-standing proud tradition of open debate and freedom of speech with free, transparent and inclusive elections and the most robust parliament in the region.
Should the Lobbying Bill get royal ascent, it will effectively kills off freedom of speech for 12 months before a general election.
The general argued that freedom of speech means "darkies" should be acceptable too.
THOSE who cite our cherished and hard-won freedom of speech in support of the EDL's right to march fail to acknowledge one important factor.
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