freedom of assembly

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the right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for redress of grievances

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The Israeli Daily Haaretz reported yesterday that a total of 32 Israeli law professors and academics at universities across Israel have launched a campaign by putting their signatures to a petition submitted to the Israeli Attorney General which states that the boycott law is unconstitutional and does grievous harm to the freedom of political expression and freedom of protest.
Mr Herzog, the son of a former President of Israel, said he had done so "because I believe that it could impair freedom of expression and freedom of protest and achieve the opposite goal-increasing alienation and strengthening extremists, who are on the margins of Arab society".
The commitments included combating torture, empowering women, and upholding freedom of expression, freedom of protest, and freedom of belief.
Brian Haw is, of course, allowed the freedom of protest because the British tax-payer pays for him to have the time and opportunity to stand a five-year vigil in Parliament Square.
He stated that the protesters have four main demands: the readmission of the expelled students, allowing freedom of protest on the university campus, guarantees that investigated students would not be graded unfairly by professors, and an exemption from absence penalties for protesting students.
The draft law is said to be limiting freedom of protest and expression.
in defiance of the Protest Law, a controversial law that limits the freedom of protests, and the massive evacuation of Sinai residents near the Gaza border crossing.
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