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the most popular and feared Islamic extremist group in central Asia

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But perhaps more importantly, the Freedom Party got a mainstream imprimatur on its immigration policy.
When the Freedom Party joined the coalition in 2000, the European Union slapped sanctions on Vienna to protest the presence of the far-right in the birthplace of Adolf Hitler.
Kurz's party will run ministries including finance, justice and agriculture, and the Freedom party will control the foreign, interior and defence ministries and others.
While other far right parties in Europe have gained ground this year, entering parliament in Germany and making France's presidential run-off, the Freedom Party is going further by entering government and securing key ministries.
Under Austria's outgoing Social Democrat chancellor, Christian Kern, the SPO has opened up significantly to the Freedom Party by introducing a so-called "value compass" for potential partners which does not specifically rule out working with the Freedom Party.
With Britain's pending departure from the European Union, a win by Eurosceptic Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer would boost not only his party but similar movements in France, the Netherlands and elsewhere lobbying for less EU power or outright exits from the EU.
There were immediate charges by some Freedom Party supporters that the election had been "stolen," which may indeed be accurate.
The Austrian Freedom Party has gained much popularity as of late, owed partly to its anti-migrant stance.
The credibility of centrist parties is clearly waning in Europe, just as centrist politicians have problems finding traction in the US, and that is especially worrisome in the German-speaking world: When Hofer uses the word "Volksgemeinschaft" in the programme of Austria's Freedom Party, it's the exact same word the Nazis used to justify terror against anyone they thought undermining the German "people's community.
Werner Faymann's abrupt resignation both as Austrian chancellor and head of the Social Democrats is only the end of the beginning of the political strife within his party over how to deal with the emerging right-wing populist Freedom Party.
They included France's National Front, the Austrian Freedom Party, Vlaams Belang of Belgium, the Swedish Democrats, Italy's Lega Nord and the Slovak National Party.
In 2012 the eight parties: the Development Democratic Justice Party, Arab Spring Party, Justice and Freedom Party, Social Peace Party, Yemeni Labor Party, Development Freedom Party, National Wifaq Party and Youth Development Democratic Party were all recognized by the Cabinet's Political Parties and Organization Affairs Committee as legitimate political organizations.
The Dutch coalition was from the start a minority government kept in office by support from the right-wing populist Freedom Party.
Hero Brinkman, a lawmaker with Dutch far-right Freedom Party (PVV) has left his parliamentary formation, potentially jeopardizing the ruling majority.
Leaders of the Freedom Party say they are former members of Mubarak's defunct National Democratic Party (NDP) but want people to give them a chance in Egypt's first free parliamentary vote since army officers overthrew the monarchy in 1952.
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