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the most popular and feared Islamic extremist group in central Asia

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Today, as president himself, Klestil is again on the defensive -- this time insisting that Austria's Freedom Party is no Nazi Party.
Developed by R&R Partners in conjunction with the LVCVA, the campaign kicked off nationally in September with the Brock Wilder/Las Vegas Freedom Party promotion and will move into a fully integrated program through 2001.
Citizens who did not vote for the Freedom Party wish the world had more faith in the democratic stability of Austria.
The broad coalition is made up of the Democratic Party, Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom Party (PDL) and the Civic Choice; it was formed after two months of political stalemate following in indecisive parliamentary polls.
The notorious website created by the far-right Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders triggered a wave of reactions on behalf of Central and Eastern Europeans.
Judicial authorities forced the Freedom Party to take down the website after the game sparked sharp criticism from Austria's Social Democrats and Greens, as well as the Islamic and Roman Catholic communities.
The Shoura Council includes members that were not among the nearly 8000 founding members of the Justice and Freedom Party.
Holland's anti-Islamic Freedom Party has surged in parliamentary elections despite--or perhaps because of--controversy surrounding its contentious leader, who has been routinely condemned for his hatred of Islam.
It was presented by Berlusconi's People of Freedom Party.
Right-wing legislator Geert Wilders's Freedom Party, which has called for an end to the Afghan mission, could be the big winner at the next election.
Right-wing legislator Geert Wilders s Freedom Party, which has called for an end to the Afghan mission, could be the big winner at the next election.
Instead, experts said disgruntled voters may reach out - largely in protest - to the rightist Freedom Party and the Alliance for the Future of Austria: groups known for their populist, anti-immigration rhetoric.
But she will be up against candidates from the right-wing British National Party and its offshoot the Freedom Party, who have recently been leafleting the area calling for her resignation.
For Austria is instead being governed by the conservative Austrian People's Party and Jorg Haider's extreme right-wing Austrian Freedom Party.
His party, the "Vegas Freedom Party," is not only a state of mind, but an event as well.
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