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international trade free of government interference

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The current global trend is one in which the World Trade Organization (WTO) and bilateral free-trade agreements can exist at the same time,'' he said during a question-and-answer session after giving a speech in Singapore.
Third, that a free-trade agreement may give rise to increased investment but also to decreased employment and wages, as in Canada.
American industries also have strong incentives to support a free-trade agreement with Japan.
Singapore is also planning to sign a free-trade agreement with New Zealand this year.
The original NAFTA certainly has its share of warts and wrinkles: The first clue is that the document is more than 1,000 pages long, though a truly "clean" free-trade agreement could probably be squeezed into a sentence or two.
Foreign guest workers from Bangladesh complained to the NLC, an advocacy group supported by the USW, that they were being forced into the equivalent of modern-day slavery by labor contractors in Jordan, abuses that Gerard said are being enabled by a free-trade agreement with the United States.
CWB pleased with Canada-Colombia FTA: The free-trade agreement between Canada and Colombia is welcome news for western Canadian farmers who export over C$100 million worth of wheat and C$23 million of malting barley to Colombia each year, says Canadian Wheat Board President and CEO Ian White.
Vice President," said Rockefeller, "I just enjoyed so much your whole speech, but I was particularly pleased that you gave such a strong endorsement for the free-trade agreement for all the Americas -- a subject that has been of great concern to me for many years and particularly recently.
Japan and Singapore opened Tuesday a two-day inaugural meeting of a joint study team looking into the possibility of a bilateral free-trade agreement.
Toledo has received support from the French and German governments for a free-trade agreement between Peru and the European Union as well as support for a deal with Thailand.
We are thrilled that JIB has chosen to announce their 4th free-trade agreement ("FTA") signed by the United States after Israel, Mexico, and Canada," stated Frank Yuan, Chairman and CEO of C-Me and ASAP.