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an unhindered basketball shot from the foul line

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With those two leading the way, Oregon has the best free-throw percentage in conference games at .
As 1 dribbles to the free-throw line extended, 2 makes a pipe cut to the top of the key.
Kozar et al, argued that players taking large groups of practice shots may "get in a rhythm," making several shots in sequence, but that such practice is not conducive to improving game free-throw skills.
Players are tested for his or her agility and basketball skills as the hoop maneuvers back and forth from the imaginary free-throw line.
Mata has by far the most problems at the free-throw line, where he's shooting 26.
During the season, we get away from the fundamental free-throw drill except for the first two practices after winter break.
I'm kind of loose and I know in my heart I'm the best free-throw shooter on the team,' Brooks said.
Yet, despite efforts of coaches and players, National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) records show that free-throw shooting by men's collegiate teams has remained between 68 and 69% over the last 20 years (Ryan & Holt, 1989).
Furthermore, the Bruins were 13 of 24 from the free-throw line.
Our #4 and #5 players set up on the bottom blocks of the free-throw lane, while our #2 and #3 guards set up on the high blocks.
But Wilcox missed the free throw, the Clippers' first free-throw miss after making their first 19.
1933 Enter the 3-second rule on standing in the free-throw lane with the ball
Instead, Bryant had to be content with a free-throw shooting exhibition and an easy night for the Lakers.
A miracle Nikki Blue shot that brings the UCLA women's basketball team close, followed by clutch free-throw shooting by USC's Camille LeNoir, followed by a desperation 3-point shot from Blue that falls just short at the buzzer.
Although Phil Jackson would rather wait until after Friday's game at Orlando to start talking about Shaquille O'Neal and Christmas, the Lakers coach couldn't resist one comparison Tuesday when it came to Kwame Brown's free-throw shooting.