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an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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The need for people to understand how a free-market economy operates cannot be overestimated, according to Murphy.
Indeed, the free-market economy, just like the law of gravity, has very simple but determining rules.
ECONOMY: China's change to a free-market economy is making a few people rich, but leaving many workers behind.
and a free-market economy, thereby promoting the "release of human
The truth is that, whatever feats of intellectual prestidigitation conservative thinkers like Kirk may have performed, they bore little relation to the realities of a country with a booming free-market economy.
He does promote a free-market economy but one with greater state regulation.
Now, Mexico has a free-market economy that recently entered the trillion-dollar class, and more than 90 percent of state-owned firms has been privatized.
Hizbal-Ghad, or the Party of Tomorrow, says it stands for "a free-market economy, respect for the rule of law; good governance, women's empowerment, freedom of expression, and an open relationship with the West.
America has pinned its hopes on universal education in a free-market economy, but these hopes are in danger of being dashed, for at least three reasons:
BUCHAREST -- Romanian President Ion Iliescu, a small man in his 70s with silver hair and a disarming smile, guides a group of American visitors through his country's recent history, from World War II through the autocratic rule of Nicolae Ceaucescu to its current struggle to create a free-market economy.
Olson was selected to join a 1991-92 Treasury Department effort to assist Eastern European bankers in adapting to a free-market economy.
The earlier article advanced the hypothesis that a strong democratic government, together with a vibrant, free-market economy, were the single most important determinants of successful records management development in countries.
We are aware that we live in a free-market economy with business opportunities for entrepreneurs.
Chile's free-market economy is 90 percent based on the export of natural resources.