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an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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If you have chosen the free-market economy as the economic model for your country for this or that reason, you have to act in line with its rules.
Olson was selected to join a 1991-92 Treasury Department effort to assist Eastern European bankers in adapting to a free-market economy.
The earlier article advanced the hypothesis that a strong democratic government, together with a vibrant, free-market economy, were the single most important determinants of successful records management development in countries.
We are aware that we live in a free-market economy with business opportunities for entrepreneurs.
Chile's free-market economy is 90 percent based on the export of natural resources.
Like the rest of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria suffered during its transition to a free-market economy.
Having a free-market economy is a predetermined affair and not subject to any political discussions.
There is more to American democracy than a free-market economy and the dream of material success.
Its natural relationship to West Germany should also make its transition to a free-market economy a bit easier than that confronting others in the Eastern Bloc.
Based in Florida, the Committee is a non-partisan organization committed to family values, democracy, and a free-market economy.
In Mexico, many state-owned health clinics will be operating in more of a free-market economy, according to EGADE's Alonso Gomez.
Instead, the transition (change) to democracy and a free-market economy has been slow and difficult.
Over the long run, such exchange programs, which expose young Russian leaders to the basics of a free-market economy, will pay off in bigger dividends than any conceivable financial arrangements.
The greatness of a free-market economy is that it does not depend upon the wisdom of those who happen to be on top at the moment.