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sexual intercourse between individuals who are not married to one another

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There's mental rednecks, hippy girls who believe in free-love, and the lads thinking they've got over the worst of the river - just before their canoe goes over a waterfall
In "Desert Bloom: Memories of 'Burning Man,'" Tim McKenzie carefully immerses himself in the free-love, "no spectators" world of the famed Black Rock festival in Nevada, only to discover that "queer space" doesn't always have to be "physically defined.
The West Village, or Greenwich Village, is a lovely section of the City, with old houses, charming shops, winding streets, and a history of Arts, Artists, free-love, intellectuals in coffee shops, Bohemia -- the closest thing we had to Europe.
Like Darwinian theories of evolution, like Sigmund Freud's and Alfred Kinsey's theories of human sexuality, like Margaret Meade's theories of free-love among the Trobrianders, like Paul Erlich's Zero Population Growth, the theory of global warming has yet to be proven.
The week-long "prayer for world peace" includes aging hippies, drug-addled teen runaways, Hare Krishnas, and mainstream onlookers hungry for a taste of the free-love '60s.
Later we heard how Comfort spent much of the 70s at a Californian free-love ranch "testing the strength of monogamy".
Plus, he was the last example of that decadent free-love era.
Disciples of the Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, whose free-love movement was run out of Oregon in the 1980s, still run meditation centers around the country under the name Osho.
The advent of the 1960s youth culture of drugs, free-love and rebellion?