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Synonyms for freeloader

one who depends on another for support without reciprocating

Words related to freeloader

someone who takes advantage of the generosity of others

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These leeches and free-loaders are ripping the life and soul from our great nation, yet we seem to be hopeless to act, how long will this go on?
A PAIR of free-loaders ripped off restaurants to the tune of pounds 600.
The free meals, free tickets, free-loaders have done it again.
When the free-loaders and players are finished bleeding the last penny out of it there won't be a hell of a lot left in the bank.
It's about time Brady, Sullivan, Gold and the other free-loaders involved in this project put their hands in their own respective pockets.
While the law in the area remains unsettled as to new practices by competitors and free-loaders," Wilcox said, "it is vital to take action to protect against practices which amount to trademark infringement or unfair competition.
There is plenty for free-loaders to enjoy, but a two-month subscription to flatstats will set you back pounds 20.
Well, you certainly don't expect the NCAA to pay the cost of transporting players, coaches and free-loaders to the city, do you?
Sion apparently lost out in a backlash from IOC members who were branded free-loaders by fellow official Swiss Marc Hodler following the Salt Lake City bribes scandal.
The campaign issues were crime and punishment, welfare cheats and free-loaders, crime and punishment.
XtremeMIMO technology converts blind spots into hot spots so just one router can provide excellent coverage to the entire house and it provides advanced security for data security and to prevent free-loaders from stealing your bandwidth," said Munira Brooks, vice president of sales, marketing and business development at ZyXEL.
So do away with the council and all its free-loaders, then we won't need the pounds 31m and we won't have an even greater traffic jam at The Ainleys.
There are free-loaders everywhere who have complimentary seats and boxes.
I asked the throng of free-loaders yesterday after pushing open the door of Joe's pit.
Flying into Richastan on Monday morning, zooming back on Thursday night, the free-loaders dodge tax by claiming they ain't Richastan residents.