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Synonyms for freeloader

one who depends on another for support without reciprocating

Words related to freeloader

someone who takes advantage of the generosity of others

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Romney's biggest problem has been the recent 47% free-loaders rant.
Sadly, the Valleys, already the butt of negative generalisation for being ill-educated, binge-drinking free-loaders, will find that this latest inane programme will do nothing but reinforce that ridiculous perception.
There were some restrictions on admission hours for community free-loaders (some of whom, like me, pay lots in taxes) but I barely noticed.
Forget the security fiasco that had to be sorted out by the British Army, the fact that the best seats will go to political free-loaders from around the world, the strike threats and the way the BBC has gone totally mad with its pre-coverage.
And there are constituencies in the Home Counties where speeches containing code words of alienation and disgust for the rabble, the scum, the idlers, the free-loaders, are guaranteed vote-winners.
That does motivate people to be free-loaders and is an underlining value problem in our society," says Thurston.
A PAIR of free-loaders ripped off restaurants to the tune of pounds 600.
The free meals, free tickets, free-loaders have done it again.
When the free-loaders and players are finished bleeding the last penny out of it there won't be a hell of a lot left in the bank.
It's about time Brady, Sullivan, Gold and the other free-loaders involved in this project put their hands in their own respective pockets.
There is plenty for free-loaders to enjoy, but a two-month subscription to flatstats will set you back pounds 20.
Well, you certainly don't expect the NCAA to pay the cost of transporting players, coaches and free-loaders to the city, do you?
The first is to establish which substances need to be assessed and fix the scope and timing of the evaluations (the Commission will pay particular attention to ensure that stakeholders do not become free-loaders, not playing their part in the system).
Sion apparently lost out in a backlash from IOC members who were branded free-loaders by fellow official Swiss Marc Hodler following the Salt Lake City bribes scandal.
The campaign issues were crime and punishment, welfare cheats and free-loaders, crime and punishment.