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a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them

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Miereanu, the publicity director for Walt Disney Television Animation and ABC-Cable Network Group, also worked for 25 years as a regular free-lance writer for the Daily News sports department.
Louis free-lance writer and an adjunct professor at Webster University.
He is a lecturer in medicine at Tufts Medical School, a free-lance writer for the Boston Globe, and author of Revolutionary Boston, Lexington and Concord: The Shots Heard Round the World
She has worked in both advertising and editorial for several magazines and has most recently been an independent free-lance writer and editor.
Mary Turner is a free-lance writer and a member of St.
Sins of the Fathers, by free-lance writer David Napier, also picked up an honourable mention for the prestigious A.
I had no real expectations of what self-employment was going to be like," says 44-year-old Kansas-City-based free-lance writer and public relations practitioner Marian Thomas.
Free-lance writer and editor Bruce Most mostly writes articles for financial planning associations, but his passion is novels.
Carol Davis is a free-lance writer based in Nashville, Tenn.
Kevin Giordano is a free-lance writer living in New York City who writes frequently about the performing arts.
When he died, she left Finland for thirteen years to live in Sweden, mostly as a free-lance writer.
Kristin was also a gifted free-lance writer and an accomplished ballroom dancer.
Holly Lebowitz Rossi, a Sojourners contributing writer, is a free-lance writer living in Arlington, Massachusetts.
A free-lance writer who divides his time between here and there, Quinones unearths a vital, energetic and creative contemporary Mexico.