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Synonyms for capitalism

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Scuba diving is just one of the countless leisure activities that Americans can enjoy in their free time thanks to the free-enterprise system, and Lloyd Bailey is just one of countless entrepreneurs who have been able to make their living while enriching people's lives by providing them with goods and services they demand.
ECONOMY: Russia faces many problems in changing from a government-run economy to a free-enterprise system like the U.
We urge the mayor to infuse the city budget with the principles of the American free-enterprise system - the philosophy that made this city and this country great, rich and stable.
The students must support groups that contradict their views in support of the free-enterprise system, Governor Tommy Thompson's policies, keeping sex within marriage, the death penalty, the Bible as the standard of truth, and support for widening U.
Lincoln championed a free-enterprise system partly because it provided the means by which people could advance their desires and opportunities.
The free-enterprise system, despite its many advantages, is not driven by humanism, what is good for the consumer, or even what the consumer needs; it is driven by profit, competition, and what the consumer will buy.
Critics said guaranteeing work to unions would inflate construction costs, hurt the competitive, free-enterprise system and lock out 80 percent of the construction labor force.
This is the key to the entire free-enterprise system, and everyone is running for cover," he gripes.