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where slavery was prohibited

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Outraged, free-soilers formed a separate government.
A fanatical abolitionist named John Brown estimated that five free-soilers had been murdered by proslavery forces.
Meetings were held at which "Free Democrats" and "Free Whigs" ultimately joined with Free-Soilers to express their outrage at this opening of the West to slavery.
In January 1851, Brownson published his review-essay entitled "The Higher Law," in which he refuted the claim of Seward, the Abolitionists, and the Free-Soilers to transcend the Constitution by appealing to a moral "higher law" during debate on the Fugitive Slave Bill.
The Abolitionists and Free-Soilers, Brownson remarked, had adopted the Protestant principle of private judgment.
The Anti-Masonic Party, the Free-Soilers, the Progressive Party, the Populist Party- all rose up to challenge the political establishment.