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a former political party in the United States

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Senate because a small group of Free Soilers held the balance of power in the Ohio legislature.
94) As Sewell puts it, "the great mass of Free Soilers were as much committed to uprooting slavery everywhere as were the most dedicated Garrisonians.
Most of the Free Soilers were former Whigs and preferred the election of Congressman Joshua Giddings, while Chase actively bargained in Columbus with the Democrats and secured his own election after a long struggle.
The Free Soilers transformed themselves once more in the campaign of 1856 into the American Party, or the "Know Nothings.
His story traces the rise of political antislavery in Massachusetts, from Garrisonian abstainers, through the formation of the Liberty Party in 1840, to the complex battles between Free Soilers and Know Nothings in the 1850s.
As far as he was concerned, war had already been declared by the "pukes," the Missouri Border Ruffians who had murdered free soilers and sacked the town of Lawrence, stronghold of the western abolitionist movement.
To the end his political allegiances remained with Pierces Kansas policy and the Democratic Party; he despised the Whigs and the Free Soilers who abandoned the Democratic Party, and he feared the policies of the new Republican Party and its 1856 candidate John C.
There were numerous Americans in the northern states who disapproved of slavery, including many northern Whigs and Democrats as well as the Free Soilers, who had sprung from concern over the possible introduction of slavery in territory acquired from Mexico in the 1840s.
It was first settled by Free Soilers, supported by New England abolitionists, to prevent slavery spreading west from Missouri.
Free Soilers wanted to "restrict" an institution which promoted "aristocratic privilege" (p.
Ripon is generally considered the birthplace of the Grand Old Party because of a 1854 meeting of Wings, Free Soilers and Democrats who decided to unite against southern slavery.
My perception has been that most Republicans and Free Soilers opposed slavery because they came to see it as detrimental to their own class interests and aspirations.
In his description of this dinner, Hawthorne also alludes to the issue that would come to dominate antebellum politics: when the Judge fails to appear, his friends conclude "that the Free Soilers have him" (p.
Nonetheless, in 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska Act suddenly ignited the state, finally driving the Free Soilers into a coalition with the Whigs and thrusting the coalition into control of the governorship and General Assembly.
Seward and his friends, the Abolitionists and the Free Soilers, have nothing to which they can appeal from the action of government but their private interpretation of the law of God, that is to say, their own private judgment or opinion as individuals; for it is notorious that they are good Protestants, holding the pretended right of private judgment, and rejecting all authoritative interpretation of the Divine law.