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a former political party in the United States

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94) As Sewell puts it, "the great mass of Free Soilers were as much committed to uprooting slavery everywhere as were the most dedicated Garrisonians.
From the beginning the pro-slavery forces attacked the free soilers, who in turn formed their own militia companies, arming themselves with "Beecher's Bibles," the Sharps carbines donated by Presbyterian minister Henry Ward Beecher.
Ripon is generally considered the birthplace of the Grand Old Party because of a 1854 meeting of Wings, Free Soilers and Democrats who decided to unite against southern slavery.
Seward and his friends, the Abolitionists and the Free Soilers, have nothing to which they can appeal from the action of government but their private interpretation of the law of God, that is to say, their own private judgment or opinion as individuals; for it is notorious that they are good Protestants, holding the pretended right of private judgment, and rejecting all authoritative interpretation of the Divine law.
When pro-slavery groups tried to take over the Kansas territory in 1858 to ensure that Kansas enter the Union as a slave state, Higginson ran guns to the free soilers.
While disunities do exist (tenements, ethic tensions, and mistreated industrial workers), we see no Free Soilers, Workingman's organizations, Know Nothings, or anti-Abolitionist sentiment.
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