field goal

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Synonyms for field goal

a score in American football

a score in basketball made by throwing the ball through the hoop


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The Galway pub first hit the headlines during Love/Hate's finale in November when they offered a free shot for all customers if Siobhan died and a free bar if Nidge died.
But when it came to an uncontested, free shot, Whitworth made only 60% against the U.
The attacking team now have a free shot on goal from 12 yards, to be taken by the player of their choice, at a time of his choice, without him having to worry about the possibility of being challenged by an opponent.
I was open for a free shot to the face but no one stepped up.
Joshua Lee Phillips Free shot himself once in the neck in an unfinished crawl space beneath the house at 715 E.
In addition, add to your "must-attend" list our free SHOT Show Seminar, "Selling To Law Enforcement," to be held Friday, Feb.
Free Throw: A free shot at the basket taken when a player from the opposing team commits a foul.
A cross from Ian Burt unhingled the Ashford defence and Ashley Carr was presented with a free shot from 10 yards.
He also claims United have a free shot at Cabella at the moment with Paris St-Germain yet to register any interest in the playmaker.
The veteran fighter also said that the referee made the correct decision to halt the fight, saying that he had to put the safety of the fighter first as a dangerous situation was created with Groves' head low and he having a free shot.
And Anthony Stokes scored their fifth after dropping off, turning and having a free shot.
From 9am to 12pm on Friday, shoppers will be greeted to a free shot of coffee before making their way to the Pamper Bar to be treated to a soothing hand massage.
Edwards had a free shot on goal but he struck his shot wide of Howe's left post.
The full-back should have scored for the Diamonds in the 38th minute when he was presented with a free shot from eight yards that he somehow managed to sclaff wide.
He said: "The first goal for us was poor - he volleyed it in from six yards but to get a free shot isn't good enough.