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Synonyms for settler

Synonyms for settler

a person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country

a negotiator who settles disputes

a clerk in a betting shop who calculates the winnings

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The arrival of free settlers from the early 1790s seems to have led to some level of self prescription and experimentation with local plants as individuals and families established themselves in increasingly remote locations (Cribb 1983, Maiden 1889/1975, Webb 1948).
But he argues that the convict settlers and the Aborigines enjoyed 'two decades of comparatively peaceful shared land use' before the free settlers made their 'land-grab' and, using the considerable skills of the convict bushmen, killed many Aborigines.
9 million names and gives the average person in this country a one in four chance of having a free settler ancestor.
Convicts typically served their sentence building roads, bridges and buildings or for free settlers
According to this story, virtually a whole people was wilfully exterminated by the incoming British--the rulers, soldiers, convicts, and free settlers.
I'm not sure if this improves the sailing or makes the harbour dues any cheaper, but the locals seem immensely proud of the fact that their state was colonised only by free settlers.